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How much do you know?
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This community is specifically for fun.

All posts will consist of trivia - polls - daily feuds

There will be 1-3 trivia questions daily with a chance to gain points for the feud.

Polls will be posted and it would be great if everyone took them so we can have daily feuds.

Scoring will differ with each feud and answers are based on responses from lj users that took the polls.

If you make a guess that someone else has already posted that was correct, you may guess two more times. (total of three guesses) If you're first guess was *incorrect*, sorry! No more guesses

Comments will be screened until the moderator views them.

Please don't google or use resources other than your brain! No one likes a cheater!

*All posts my only be made by the moderator.

Join this community or simply add it as a friend.

Have fun, and good luck!